Meet Captain Ron and Ashley

Ron Micjan and Ashley Paterson are the owners and operators of Zephyr.  

Captain Ron is a licensed USCG Master 200 Ton Near Coastal with endorsements of RADAR Unlimited, STCW 95 Safety Training and a lifetime of on water experience, from the early days of rowing around a 12-foot dingy back in the early 70's around Grosse Isle Michigan all the way to operating a commercial assistance towing vessel over the Columbia River Bar, the area known as the "Graveyard of the Pacific." Ron runs the mechanical and piloting side of the Zephyr experience.

Ashley holds a USCG Masters 100 Ton license Inland, 200 Ton Near Coastal Mate and radar. She is an artist by training, with a spectacular eye for detail and a BFA degree from University of Victoria, and she is a certified SCUBA instructor. Besides helping pilot and deckhand, Ashley keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes, provisions and cooks delicious meals, cleans and ensures all of our guests have what they need.

Ron and Ashley met in 2006 while Ashley was working and teaching at a SCUBA shop on Vancouver Island, and Ron came up to teach a technical diving class. With several shared interests in SCUBA, travelling, photography and boats, they hit it off. They married in 2010 and started a boat towing business in Portland, OR. After the first year helping Ron with Columbia River Marine Assistance, Ashley started Ashley's Boat Care and developed a reputation as the "go to" person if you wanted your boat to look like new. Four years into the towing business, Ron was always looking for the next adventure and found it in the listing of a commercial marine magazine called "Boats and Harbors." Ron had spent many weeks aboard a super cool live aboard dive vessel as a guest and later as crew and had developed an itch to provide that same experience to others. Together they put this thing on the water.

Zephyr's crew bring a "can-do" attitude to projects. Our skillsets incude SCUBA, electrical  and electronic know-how, medical first aid, rigging, fabrication, computer literacy, and drone piloting.   Our crew are all participants in a random drug testing program, and we do not allow alcohol aboard during work charters. 

Our ship's engineer is John Holbert P.E., who is an amazing help as crew, crane operator, designer and fabricator of cool stuff. He and his wife Jill own the Schooner Merrie Ellen and we frequently trade out as crew on their boat.  Zephyr is blessed with many friends who come to help us out when we need crew. A special thanks to Michael Kellick, Robert Bergstrom, Tony Porche, Bill Wechter, Stuart Pugh, Patrick Mode, Wally Coon, Jeff Duval, Julia Meyer, Kirk Lance, Warren Dalby, Neal Smith and Merlin Schone for being there when we need you.