"The suitability of the boat for research (and comfort) is exceeded only by the skill and wonderful attitude of the skipper and his crew!" - Tom Q., University of Washington, June 2019

"Once again we truly enjoyed our time with you! " - David H., NOAA Fisheries, May 2019

"Thanks for showing us the ropes and making sure we were never hungry.  All future boat trips have  high standards to match." - Gus, US Army Special Forces, May 2019

“Ron and Ashley, Thank you both for a great working vacation. You both are super professional and have a terrific vessel. I am sure we will work again together. Thanks again.” - Chris J., NOAA, Aug. 2018

“Thanks for a great couple of days, our research cruise was a success. We'll be back.” - David H., NOAA Chief fish surgeon, Aug. 2018

“Thanks for a great trip, I had fun performing salmon surgery on the deck. Thanks for the great food and all of your help.” - Joe S., Research Ecologist NOAA, Aug. 2018

“Your hospitality is always top notch. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to boating for my parents and grandpa. I am grateful to be your friend and thank you for the opportunity.” - April D., San Juan Islands, Aug. 2018

“I remember discussing the possibility of doing the inside passage with Zephyr during our San Juans trip and now its in the record books. The comfort and safety of Zephyr in this breathtaking setting leaves me in awe. Thank you is not sufficient, see you again soon.” - Brad and Susan, Alaska Inside Passage, July 2018

“Finding new family, discovering a new land and sea, harsh and majestic at the same time, only Alaska. Zephyr did not disappoint, luxury, function, fun, great food, thanks Ron and Ashley.” - Bobo L., Dutch Harbor US Army Corps of Engineers breakwater repair,  June 2018

“Another successful project with Zephyr. We had several dozen bald eagles welcome our arrival at the Carl Moses breakwater for the mooring repair. Our expert crew spent a few days working and the rest fishing, eating and watching baseball. Can't wait for the next one.” - Shay Meskil, Maris Inc. Dutch Harbor, June 2018

“Thanks so much for another tremendous week on the Zephyr out of Winchester Bay, Oregon. You are the finest group of glider and mooring hunters around. Very much looking forward to our next round of deployments. Best of luck in AK this summer and thanks again from our whole research team at NOAA and OSU. It could not have happened without you.” - Steve C., NOAA, May 2018

“Wow. Life aboard the Zephyr has exceeded any and all expectations. We can't thank you enough for your friendship and an experience that we will remember forever for the rest of our lives. Thank-you for letting us be a part of the adventure.” - The Burtons, Aug. 2017

“Thanks for the best weekend of the summer! Zephyr is beautiful & you two are fabulous hosts. Keep having fun!” - Sam & Laura, Aug. 2017

“We all had so much fun. You two went above and beyond for all of us crazy people.” - M & R Duckworth, Aug. 2017

“This trip has “been one of the best PNW experiences we've had. You two went above and beyond to make everything come together beautifully. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful boat with us and taking such good care of us.” - J & M Mincks, Aug. 2017

“Thank-you so much for the incredible weekend. You are both fantastic hosts and so gracious with Zephyr. we made so many memories and learned a lot about the islands. We will definitely be spreading the word, and hope to visit again!” - M & J Erler, Aug. 2017

“There are no words to express how much fun we've had on the amazing Zephyr..the kayaking, hikes, tours, gourmet food and especially the company have all been unbelievable! We are so fortunate to have been able to celebrate our birthdays with you. Thank-you for making them so special. This was definitely an unforgettable trip.” - The Odegards, July 2017

“We had so much fun on Zephyr exploring with you - from delicious food to the incredible wildlife. Thank-you for co-ordinating the orcas just for us! Every detail was simply perfect from the warm chocolate chip cookies & cold milk after kayaking to the boat driving lessons in Vortex. It was a blast. Hope to be back soon.” - The Paynes, July 2017

“Ron and Ashley are friendly, knowledgeable, highly competent, & tons of fun! We kayaked among seals, took a scenic hike, ate wonderful food, and enjoyed viewing stars from the bow of the boat. Don't pass up a trip on the Zephyr if you ever have the chance.” - Jennifer L, June 2017

“We have had an AMAZING trip board the Zephyr! Ron and Ashley you are both such wonderful hosts. The hike on Stuart Island was a perfect morning, food was always excellent and we had so much fun with the kayaks. Thank-you for making our trip to the NW one we will never forget.” - The Landers, June 2017

“I'm sitting here singing the praise of this fabulous trip and plotting my next visit. Totally memorable. Great people, beautiful scenery and great food drink sun sets and stories.” - Mark M, April 2017

“Taking a bunch of scientists out into the middle of the Pacific is not an easy task, and folks not familiar with the ways of the sea make it more difficult. The crew of Zephyr, however, made it easy. I'd go out with the boat and crew anytime. Captain Ron was fun and Ashley was fantastic. Best food I've had at sea.” - Dan L., Test Director RiptideAS, March 2017

“I was sitting in the wheel house telling the captain that I wanted to see dolphins. Then like magic they appeared. And magic was the theme for our trip. The Zephyr served all the needs of our research. But she also possessed some ineffable qualities that made this an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The crew of The Zephyr was equally impressive. For instance at one point I needed help fixing some equipment. Captain Ron sprang into action and exhibited surprising electronics debugging and repair skills. I want everyone to know it was an honor to work with such a capable crew.” - Alva H. Scientist, Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, March 2017

“Thanks for the great hospitality! You all did a great job accommodating our needs. Thanks and well done!” - Sean M., Naval Undersea Warfare Center Operations Range Technician, Dec. 2016

“Thank you for being out there for us, the crew and I appreciate your work.” - Cdr B. Taddiken, Captain, USS Connecticut, Jan 2017

“What a wonderful way to end the summer. We couldn't have asked for a better San Juan Island outing. Thank-you for the adventure!” - Kristine & Pete, Sept. 2016

“What an honor and what pleasure and luck to find you guys. Your boat is beautiful and the two of you are the icing on the cake. We had an amazing time – thank-you for helping up celebrate and make a memorable cruise. Your warm hospitality and attention to detail will make a lasting impression. We look forward to many future trips with the two of you!” - Susan and Brad, Aug. 2016

“What perfect hosts you both are! The Zephyr has been an incredible getaway. The meals were delicious, the conversation engaging and the accommodations perfection. Hopefully we will be back soon with our whole gang. Thanks for the memories y'all!” - The McDonalds, Aug. 2016

“Thank-you for opening your boat to us. When this trip came about, everyone was so excited, we had expectations and you blew them out of the water. It was such a delight and we will take these memories and cherish them for the rest of our lives. Cheers!” - April D., Aug. 2016

“Thank-you for making us feel safe and cared for on the journey. Can't wait to do this again!” - Julie S., Aug. 2016

“I've never had a more comfortable experience on a boat. Captain Ron and Ashley are masterful hosts, more than accomodating. The food was lovely, the beds were comfortable, the showers were clean (with hot water!), and I loved all the views and islands. I was so confident in Ron's awareness of our safety that I never felt concerned. They were positive, supportive and really kind. I would love to charter this boat again and again. It is the perfect experience for any level of familiarity with boats as well as a truly magical way to experience the San Juan islands and all of their wildlife. The sunsets, the company and the accomodations are unforgettable.” -Tressa Y., Aug. 2016

“This adventure on the Zephyr has set the bar very high on taking a vacation. Ron & Ashley did an excellent job of making me feel welcome and a part of the crew. We had some “National Geographic” moments with the local wildlife. I will return in the future!” - Jason C, July 2016

“We made plans last minute and so glad you could take us on a San Juan adventure. Pulling the crab pots was a highlight and the scenery was peaceful & beautiful, thank-you for entertaining us too!”
- Ralph S and family, July 2016

“Ashley & Ron, you two are amazing hosts! Everything about our voyage was great – the comradery, the food, accommodations have all been top quality. Your mastery of your vessel, and your warm and professional spirit is something I will always cherish in my memory. Best boat trip ever!” - Andy P., July 2016

“You guys are great and work so hard to keep things ship shape and take such good care of Zephyr and passengers.” - Rachael A., July 2016

“I can't say enough to express how incredible our stay and adventure has been. Ashley's smiling cheerful beautiful face & yummy food preparation was so appreciated. Ron's omelets were the best. We stayed well fed & happy, cruising along and watching orcas play. The shower is great – lots of pressure, perfect temperature, clean & fresh. The beds were perfect, so comfortable and with Andy at 6'5” and I'm 5'8” we slept in complete comfort. We are looking forward to returning again to spend more time together soon.” - Rebecca A., July 2016

“I have no words to adequately express how beautiful Zephyr is, how well cared for the six of us have been aboard, how competent & fun you guys are as co-captains and co-hosts, how grateful I am at being able to get out on the water again after many years away. I hope that there will be many more adventures aboard Zephyr with Ron & Ashley in the years to come.” - David S., July 2016

“Somewhat through happenstance we ended up booking a 3 days trip aboard Zephyr. From the initial communication with Ron & Ashley to climbing aboard, it was smooth, professional and welcoming. Over our three days, they accommodated our every need with attentive casual style. The Zephyr is an amazing ship. The knowledge and passion Ron and Ashley have for the ship and her charters is undeniable. We boarded as clients, and left as friends. We will be going with them again and spreading the word on this truly amazing and unique experience.” - Brad T., July 2016

“I will hold this trip dear to my heart for the rest of my life.” - Merlin S., June 2016

“Always comfortable, friendly, and such a treat to be aboard with good friends.”- Ed S., May 2016

“What an awesome experience! Thank-you Ron & Ashley – the Zephyr is special and totally made the trip for us.”  - Reg, Ric & Nate, May 2016

“The boat was so cozy we didn't want to leave!”  - Susi G, March 2016

“Our family completely enjoyed our stay on the Zephyr, and Ashley is an excellent host, very welcoming and informative. The Zephyr - a real, live, working boat! The Zephyr is a comfortable space, slept great also - comfy bunks!” - Scott & Ann L., March 2016

“Great Adventure!!! Ashley & Don were super hosts! Boat was very clean and fun to be aboard. Highly recommend!!!!”
- Paul R., March 2016

“Ashley and Ron were awesome hosts and have a beautiful boat. The Zephyr is truly a unique experience and a ton of fun. The ship is very comfortable (we had 8 men on it!) and the bunks are perfect. Pull the shades and you are in your own little world. I would love to stay again on the Zephyr!” - Daniel M., Jan. 2016

“Our stay on the Zephyr was a great experience. The boat was more than big enough to accommodate 7 full-grown men without feeling too cramped. The bunks are all equipped with lights, plugs, shelves, and curtains which was very handy. We had no complaints. Ashley was very welcoming and a great communicator.” - Nolan F., Oct. 2015

“Wow! This is the first time in many, many years that I had time off I could actually describe as a vacation. Ashley and Ron made our experience on the Zephyr exceptional. It is very comfortable, clean, quiet, and is great for family and friends. You can't go wrong with the Zephyr. We had a party of 4 and had plenty of room. The bunk beds were perfect and plenty comfy and warm. Very, very quiet. I'm 6'2" and stretched all the way out and was barely touching the end. Same with the onboard shower. Had to duck just slightly. The Zephyr is solid. It did not move when waves came in. Plenty of table space and all of the appliances you need. Plenty of room in the fridge. Very accommodating.  The Zephyr gave us what we needed” - Stephen W., Oct. 2015

“I am without words to describe how much I have enjoyed this opportunity to see into the "life on the water". The potential for rest, privacy and quiet solitude is something I wish I had understood before I invited a train of people to join me!” - Jacqueline, Oct. 2015

“It was ridiculously AMAZING. They were attentive, helpful, friendly, (insert all positive verbs!) just simply incredible. I felt really at ease/comfortable. They think of everything! Amazing, amazing, amazing experience. Thank you so much. We will be coming back again.” - Claudia, Sept 2015

“Best experience ever. Ashley and Ron are awesome. Venue, comfort, wonderful boat. Thank you both again.” - Scott N., Sept. 2015

“If you are reading this, just stop looking now. Book the Zephyr. You will be glad you did. I have never met a more kind, thoughtful, accommodating host than Ashley. Her friendly, quick responses set the tone for a relaxing worry free stay. The boat is GREAT! It is very solid. The bunks seem much larger in than the pictures. The galley is large. The living space is comfortable. We loved everything about Zephyr. It's accommodations can't be beat. It was clean, well provisioned, and quiet. We got more than we thought we would, so it was an absolute joy to experience.” - Michael B, Sept. 2015

“Ashley is amazing. Zephyr, it is the most incredible place. The boat is huge, with a huge deck for relaxing and looking out over. The inside is enormous- there is a full kitchen, with all appliances, a full living room, big screen TV, stereo, a shelf full of movies and books, and you name it. Downstairs in the sleeping quarters are 8 bunk beds, and TWO bathrooms! Maybe it was the ever-so-slight movement of the water but my girlfriend and I got some of the best sleep we've gotten in years on the boat. Man, oh man, oh man. I'll be staying again, this time bringing as much friends or family as I can muster. There is no other experience like the Zephyr. I was a bonafide captain for a weekend.” - William B., Sept. 2015

“What a beautiful boat. It was exactly what we had hoped it would be. Thanks for the lovely experience.” - Lena & Rod, Sept. 2015

“What a unique and completely enjoyable way to spend our anniversary! Your cheerfulness and hospitality set the tone for a fabulous weekend away. Kayaking & reading on deck were highlights of our weekend. We were able to relax and unwind on Zephyr. Thank-you Ron & Ashley!” - Michael & Sachi, Sept. 2015

“Thank-you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience (that we hope to soon make a twice-in-a-lifetime experience when we come back!). She is unlike any other boat out there.” - Kathryn & Will, Aug. 2015

“There are not enough “thank-you's” to say what a wonderful time I have had. This week has been very special. The cruise on Zephyr was amazing, and scenery beats Michigan for sure! I am going home well fed and waiting for the next visit!” - Faye M., Aug. 2015

“Thank-you for a wonderful and tremendous week on the Zephyr and Columbia River. How time flies. Having us with you on this extraordinary trip to see this beautiful landscape around Multnomah Falls and the Dam, this was fun and adventure. Thank-you for all these memories.” - Karin & Peter, Germany, Aug. 2015

“Our stay aboard the Zephyr was very enjoyable and memorable. Four couples enjoyed a two day stay on this well maintained boat. Ashley is a wonderful hostess. It is an experience everyone should try!” - Ed M., July 2015

“The Zephyr was amazing I only wish that I had more days to enjoy the wonders that it offered!” - Laura M., July 2015

“Absolutely unique, exactly as described. Staying aboard the Zephyr is taking a step back into American History. You cannot beat the accommodations and amenities for the price. Our family had a wonderful stay, and quite frankly found it hard to peel away from the ship, as it is so easy to get lost in R&R enjoying the beautiful view. In retrospect had we known, we would've booked our 6 nights aboard the Zephyr. Could not be more pleased.” - Oscar H., July 2015

“The Zephyr is a wonderful vessel, comfortable and relaxing. I slept 10 hour nights – haven't done that in a long time. The evenings on deck were magical! The atmosphere is totally relaxing and we were reluctant when the time came to pack up and go home. We did this stay as a surprise for my two teenage granddaughters who were visiting from the Midwest. They both were thrilled with the experience and found it as comfortable and interesting as my wife and I did. We heartily recommend the Zephyr experience to anyone.” Gary & Connie, July 2015

“It is very gratifying to meet someone making their dream come true. I wish you the best.” Juan, July 2015

“Zephyr was incredible. The boat was clean and organized and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Ashley took care of everything and all we had to do was show up and enjoy the water and the view. We will definitively return.” - Matthew B., June 2015

“The Zephyr experience greatly surpassed my expectations. We slept so well in the very cozy beds, had a blast lounging and sunning on the top deck. I can't wait to book the Zephyr again!” Megan, Candice & Brian, May 2015

“The stay on the Zephyr was the most fun I've had.” - Jimmy, June 2015

“Ashley and Ron were very welcoming and accommodating hosts. The Zephyr was exactly as advertised--clean, ship-shape, and a unique experience. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Highly recommend for a family or group of close friends. We had a great time celebrating my wife's 30th birthday and relaxing with close friends.” - Matthew T. May 2015

“Once again, another great time! The magic never stops. Looking forward to next year.” - The Mustang Pilots: Roger, Sean, Ed & Robert, April 2015

“This boat is a most wonderful vessel. It is splendid,, it's wonderfully dry and altogether lovely. We are all above 6'3” and we loved our experience. We shall voyage to these fair shores soon again.” - The Nadbury Club, April 2015

“Shiver me timbers, us landlubbers loved our stay on this fine vessel. We likened our time to a fine bottle of rum – tasty, easy to sleep on, and never lasting long enough.” - Master Gunner Sarah, Boatswain Sarah, Sailing Master Tony, Cabin Boy Todd, Stowaway James & Quartermaster Brandon, March 2015

“This will be my #1 choice if it's available.” - Mike D. Folsom, March 2015

“Thanks Ron & Ashley for such a nicely appointed ship. You thought of everything. You guys on the Zephyr ROCK.” - Layne, February 2015

“We love Zephyr. Perfect for our family reunion.” - The Gustafsons, Sept. 2014

“What a great experience aboard the Zephyr! Our daughter and son-in-law both did marine research on Zephyr when it was owned by MBARI. We are so glad you are adding another chapter to to her exciting history! Thank-you Ashley & Ron for this opportunity and for being such gracious hosts!” - The Herrens, Sept. 2014

“Truly a unique and incredible experience.My wife and daughter couldn't stop raving about it. Ashley and Ron were perfect hosts.  So peaceful, total relaxation.” - Chad D., Sept. 2014

“Stardate 37924.5, Captain's Log. 8 guys from college, together again 6 years later. New memories, new stories, old history, laughs. Thank-you Ron and Ashley for the chance to hold onto what matters most in life... experiences.” - Sept. 2014

“A week on your boat is a moment in time that we'll never forget. Thank-you so much for providing
a scene for such nice memories.” - Nick & the Disk Golf Boys, Aug.2014

“The Zephyr is a phenomenal ship, roomy, beautifully finished, private, with a history of maritime service. We felt like we were on our own private yacht. We have already recommended Zephyr to a number of friends, and wouldn't hesitate to give Ashley and Zephyr a full FIVE STAR rating. Truly a unique and wonderful experience; we'll be back !” - Richard & Mary, Berlin, Aug. 2014

“The Zephyr was FABULOUS!! Our stay on the Zephyr will be a vacation my teens will always remember! I earned MAJOR cool factor points for our adventure!!” - The Dubois family, July 2014

“Ashley, Ron & and Zephyr MADE our trip!! As others have mentioned, the boat is large and clean. The beds are VERY comfortable and long enough for most anyone to fit and be comfortable (I'm 6 feet tall). Our time on the Zephyr tops our favorite memories and we can't thank Ashley enough for her role in making it what it was.” - Matthew J., July 2014

“We kind of didn't want to leave. Hopefully we will be back! Thanks so much for your hospitality and taking good care of us!” - Phil, Karen, Seth, Josh, Caleb, Rose, Ben & Samantha, July 2014

“This ship is exactly what I needed. A perfect way to embark on the much anticipated journey around the Pacific Northwest.” - Steve, July 2014

“We had a great time aboard the Zephyr. Perfect place for our Ladies Weekend. We had a blast! We will be back for some voyages.” - Keri, Michelle, Katie & Dana, June 2014

“We had such a great time aboard the Zephyr! It was a great surprise, and the boat was beautiful inside! Ron and Ashley were both so kind, and the accommodating, and made us feel very welcome. My favorite part of the boat is the deck. It provides a peaceful/perfect place to read. I hope to be able to do it again! Thank-you so much Ron & Ashley! We love the Zephyr!” - Morgan, age 11, June 2014

“Ashley and Ron are great and very interesting to talk to. Things I really enjoyed aboard Zephyr: Our new happy place.” - Gord & Amy, June 2014

“We really loved our stay aboard Zephyr. But it was too short. We hope to come and spend longer vacation someday.” - Aparna, Rohit & Vinit, May 2014

“Our stay on the Zephyr is one we will never forget.We loved our time on the Zephyr!! Nothing to change it was perfect!!!” - Brenen T., May 2014

“As soon as we arrived, I began thinking about our return!! The accommodations were fantastic!!  The boat was spacious !!!!  The kitchen was well equipped and beautiful! This is the ultimate for a group seeking to have a getaway! Morning coffee and breakfast on the bow in sunshine!! We couldn't be happier with the entire package!! Loved it all!! Thanks so much. Hope we can make it back in the near future!!” - Patrick G., May 2014

“Holy cow, the Zephyr provided all we needed and more! Thanks for sharing Ashley & Ron... and all the best.” - The Georgies, May 2014

“We enjoyed  the beautiful, clean, big, nice, solid and fun Zephyr boat. We will come back!”
- The Joys, April 2014

“Had a great time on the Zephyr. What a great get-away. Hope to do it again! Ron & Ashley you guys were great hosts, love what you have done to the place. Can't wait to come back! Thanks again.” - Curt H., March 2014

“I really appreciate someone that takes pride in their work and it was just what I needed.” - Chris M., March 2014